A day at BTConsortium is: Challenging, Transforming, Transcending

Immerse yourself in our culture

In BTConsortium every day is a new challenge, a constant learning. We live our culture through our behaviors, style and competencies of our day to day.

As a team we learn, contribute and build.

In BTConsortium we want to guide our lives with an ambitious, inspiring vision, based on a genuine and transcendent purpose. We understand that achieving this is also a path of transformation, of personal transformation; the most authentic of transformations.

When you are in Transformation, you inevitably transform you, you transform yourself.

“At BTConsortium, learning is accelerated, some of us call this experience as. “learning in dog years.”

Daniel Ramírez |

“The best wish you can give someone is for them to transform.”

Karla Guevara |

“Regardless of the day, the time of our life or the field, let’s always take a confident step toward being a better version of ourselves and seizing the opportunities we create.”

Daniel Velázquez |

“What are we doing to be different? To do everything we do with excellence, the little things add up.”

Friné Calderón |

“Working at Transformation gives us a broad outlook for making an impact. It’s really of great personal and job satisfaction: a platform to achieve that purpose of positively impacting people’s lives and society.”

Cynthia Gutiérrez |

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