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common denominator: transformation with, by and for the people.

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Chief Transformation Officer


Food industry / el salvador

“I think the main difference is the word, that is, accompaniment. What a consultancy usually consists of is: when arrives, it does listen and propose, but usually when they introduce it to me it feels like it’s filled with gaps or they did not understand the company or it does not sound like what they are saying will actually perform like that, it also just stays in the theoretical, however with BTC, they are part of us. “

Chief Transformation Officer


agroindustrial industry / Guatemala

“They have been more than a consultancy or more than an expert in transformation, someone who has accompanied us working together on the solution.”

Chief Transformation Officer


automotive industry / Mexico

“The TEI helps me to see a holistic view because it integrates all the necessary architectures for a transformation: Strategic Architecture, Management, Talent, etc. And organizing the transformation in this manner helps divide all the tasks into simple and manageable groups, and this makes my role in the transformation much easier because I never lose sight of the big picture while at the same time I am coordinating the weekly tasks or monthly ones, to move at the right pace. “

Chief Transformation Officer


Portfolio of companies / Mexico

“Definitely without this accompaniment we would not have been able to have the progress the way we have made  them up to date.”

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