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Digital Transformation

with the applied methodology of Integral Business Transformation ® (TEI)

You will learn in a practical way

Before: $500.00 USD


Investment: $ 100.00 USD + Tax ($ 16.00 USD)


Miguel Galván – CEO and Founder of BTConsortium.

Addressed to:

Chief Executive Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Technology Directors or Chief Information Officers and all those leaders within the company who are carrying out a digital transformation effort in Latin America.

Today the changes that are happening lead us to constantly transform the corporation. Technology is playing a fundamental role, in addition to being an enabler of business processes, it is a generator of business processes. We must integrate the Digital Transformation into the Integral Enterprise Transformation ® (TEI).

Digital Transformation with the applied methodology of Integral Enterprise Transformation ® (TEI). A methodology designed and tested by BTConsortium that has obtained concrete results in different countries, industries and moments in companies. The key to the success of the Business Transformation has to do fundamentally with the ability to connect the vision and strategic definitions of the company, with all the changing programs, all the Work Teams, all the enablers and management mechanisms, in a single structured and systemic agenda.

You will take away a clear and proven practical methodology on how to incorporate Digital Transformation into Integral Enterprise Transformation ® (TEI):

  • How to incorporate a Digital Transformation into Integral Enterprise Transformation ® (TEI). 
  • How to insert technological capabilities within the strategic architecture of the organization. 
  • How to incorporate digital transformation into management architecture and organizational architecture. 
  • How to integrate a digital transformation effort into an integral transformation effort.

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