master class

From CHRO to CTO

From Chief Human Resources Officer to Chief Transformation Officer

You will learn in a practical way

Before: $500.00 USD


Investment: $100.00 USD + Tax ($16.00 USD)

We will carry out our digital event Masterclass: From CHRO to CTO with Miguel Galván, CEO of BTConsortium. He instructed us on the skills, qualities, role, challenges, and steps to become a Chief Transformation Officer. He explained to us that it is a process and the need to have a CTO within a company.

The current HR executive is challenged, because to become a true business partner of the CEO, he must become a transformer of the organization. However, currently most efforts are limited to communication and change management initiatives.

To expand the scope of your role, you need to develop the skills of Chief Transformation Officer, and be able to become the CEO’s co-pilot in the transformation.

  • Challenges for the HR Executive in the era of the 4th Revolution and Post Covid-19.
  • The need for Transformation in the Company.
  • The opportunity for the CHRO to become CTO.
  • What is the role of the Chief Transformation Officer.
  • Overview of the Comprehensive Business Transformation Methodology.
  • How to promote the CTO function in the Company.
  • Discussion Forum.

Addressed to management executives and superior human resources in Latin America

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