The Role of the CEO in then

Integral Enterprise Transformation

Addressed to: Owners or CEOs who seek to develop the ability to transform their company comprehensively.

The new normal has become an overused phrase very soon. This is the best example of the volatility, the uncertainty, those rapidly changing times, which are indeed the new normal.

  • The CEO knows that he cannot wait for stability or for a moment of apparent stability to return.
  • The CEO knows that the new normal is not to allow his company to normalize and thus remain adrift of change.
  • The CEO knows that his responsibility is to continuously and comprehensively transform his company, not only to survive, but to capture and create opportunities.
  • The CEO knows what he has to do.

At BTConsortium, we are here to help the CEO, in the HOWs.

For this reason, we present the online course The Role of the CEO in the Integral Enterprise Transformation. This course gives the CEO a concrete method to successfully lead the Digital, Cultural,and Organizational Transformation of his Company, that is to say: the Integral Enterprise Transformation. With method and concrete recommendations, the CEO will have in this course the possibility of taking it at his own pace to have a complete look at what he needs to know and later delve into those aspects of the Transformation of their Company that interest them the most at this time.
An agile, pragmatic course based on concrete, successful and verifiable experiences.

In this course we will address:

Content: 3 chapters.

What is the TEI? And the role of the CEO inneach architecture

The three roles of transformation: CEO,nExComm, and CTO

The four stages in the role of thenTransformation Leader

For more than 25 years, those of us who are part of BTConsortium have led transformations from the Advisory, Directive and Executive perspective. We have done it in Family and Institutionalized Companies. We have done it in companies that are born and in consolidated corporations. And we have done it in practically all of America and Latin America.

We do it because we are passionate about our purpose: To help CEOs and Directors of Transformation to land the vision for the company in a transformation that lands the strategy in concrete actions and the actions in measurable results.

I invite you to talk and to let us accompany you in the leading of the transformation of your Company.

The Role of the CEO in then

Integral Enterprise Transformation

Investment: $ 1,000.00 USD + Tax ($160.00 USD)

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