Learn about the main challenges and lessons learned by the different CTO’s from their role in the Transformation as Chief Transformation Officers.

The career of the Chief Transformation Officer

What does the Transformation Architect do in a company?

Miguel Galván answers the most frequently asked questions about the role of the CTO.


Who can become Chief Transformation Officer?

Discover how to become a key part of the Transformation within your company and the necessary tools to achieve it.


How to build your career as Chief Transformation Officer

Miguel Galván talks about Business Transformation as a career plan and how to become an Architect of Transformation.


Transformation Priorities

Miguel Galván and Pedro Padierna talk to us about the Chief Transformation Officer’s priorities for 2021.


Leading the Strategic Productivity Agenda from the CTO

If you are familiar with the productivity concept, which has been successfully coined for some years now in organizations…


Our results are the outcome of our daily actions

While dreaming is a strong motivator and a key part of generating the results we expect, by itself it will never be enough, as these…


What is the role of the Chief Transformation Officer?

Building a career to be the architect of Business Transformation: a high-growth, under-explored career path…


I had not found it because it did not exist

When you go to a job interview, you know it, you walk out of there with a smile of excitement, or you just walk out….


Exclusive interviews with CTOs

Learn about the path that led each of these executives to become Transformation Leaders in their companies.

From Operations to Transformation

Dolores Rábago tells us about his experience of transitioning from an Operations role to a role as a Transformation Leader.


Perspectives and lessons learned

Mónica Altamirano y Miguel Galván tell us about the different perspectives and learnings that a CTO needs during the Transformation of the company.


From Information Technology to Transformation

Antonio Neri talks to us about his journey from his role in IT to taking on a role to transform the company in an integral way.


Becoming a Transformation Leader

José Milán y Miguel Galván talk about the professional and personal path to becoming a Chief Transformation Officer.


The route of the Architect of Transformation

José María Puerta y Miguel Galván tell us about the journey of a Chief Transformation Officer.


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