Destreza Digital para Miembros del Comité Ejecutivo


This training program seeks to respond to the needs of the Executive Committee to update their capabilities and those of their management teams, through an understanding and comprehension of concepts on the application of technology in the business and the creation of digital differentiating capabilities, as well as the knowledge and resources necessary to put it into action.

What will you learn in this course?

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Miguel Galván

CEO BTConsortium

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Development plan

Thema 1: Reference concepts, technologies and methods.
Thema 2: More innovative digital incursions in industries.
Thema 3: Why should I care about digital skills in my company.


Thema 1: Roles of the Executive Committee in the Transformation Journey.
Thema 2: Integrating Digital Architecture into Enterprise Transformation.
Thema 3: Generate a digital skills culture in the organization.

Thema 1: Understanding the Digital Matrix.
Thema 2: What value does the Digital Matrix bring to my company?
Thema 3: Digital Strategy: an enabler of Strategic Architecture.

Competencies you will develop

Digital Wisdom

Communication towards synchronized action

Strategic and systemic thinking


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