Online Accompaniment Membershipn

Transformation can be at your fingertips by acquiring our online accompaniment membership, which gives you access to our accompaniment portal for you and for two more people in your company.

Within our portal you will find the details of each of the Architectures that are included in our Integral Enterprise Transformation Methodology and the practices that will help you to develop the ability to transform your company.

In this new transformation journey, our TEI specialists will accompany you through the online consultation, and you will participate in collaboration sessions with other leading members of our community to share knowledge and experiences.

Accompanying resources

  • Tasks

Tasks are each one of the instructional activities to be carried out to develop the practices of the TEI® Methodology.

  • Videos

In the videos you will find instructional content and interviews, with which we will accompany you in learning the TEI® Methodology. With these videos, you will not only be able to learn, but you will also be able to unfold them within your company to accompany the transformation.

  • Readings

The readings are texts that will help you understand and implement the methodology within your company.

  • Formats

Predefined templates and/or mobilization resources that will help you carry out and implement the tasks in your company.

  • Personal log

Space dedicated to keep record on your comments and reflections on each of the tasks performed. It allows us to evaluate the progress you are making in your training as a transformational leader.

  • Business log

Collaborative space to share with other users of your company’s platform, to write down agreements and/or to give a review of activities carried out or that are to be carried out.

  • Online office

This space is created to keep in close touch throughout accompaniment; listen to your questions and attend to them to speed up your transformation.

  • Virtual collaboration sessions: CEO 2 CEO

These sessions, moderated by BTC’s TEI® specialists, will allow you to interact with other CEOs who are part of the consortium, to share experiences, similar situations, better practices and recommendations.

If your purpose is to become a leader specialized in the mobilization of the transformation of any company, you can acquire our Online Accompaniment Membership Plus, where you will obtain the benefits and accompaniment resources of the AL membership plus:

  • Certification in TEI® Methodology

The certificate will allow you to be a specialized leader in mobilizing the transformation of any company. It is not only based on the theoretical knowledge learned, but also on the implementation through the results of the evolution in the maturity of the transformation in your company.

  • Maturity assessment

This assessment is carried out by our TEI® specialists in person. It consists of measuring the maturity of the transformation path of your company, and is carried out based on the BTC maturity model.

  • Playing with the processes

This board game is intended to reflect the importance of synchronous work to achieve common goals. Along with this game, you will receive a one-day pass from our TEI® specialists, where you will learn about the objectives and benefits of the game, how to implement it in your company and also, the best practices to ease game sessions.