About us

We will be with you and your team, accompanying your Transformation Route through a proven and differentiated method: Integral Enterprise Transformation (TEI)®

We start from three great convictions:


True transformation in businesses happens continuously. It’s not a project, but a permanent evolution.


It’s only with integral business transformation (Strategy, Digital Management, Organization, Culture and Map Route) that concrete and sustainable results will be obtained.


True transformation is the one that happens with and for the people.

Based on these convictions, BTCconsortium delivers its services through a system of memberships and programs of training using our proprietary methodology: Integral Enterprise Transformation. This accompaniment is focused in developing the ability of transforming the business in an integral and continuous manner internally.

Every CEO battles with their own challenges according to their industry, business and all the audiences that interact in its management. Every business goes through their transformation based on their own style, leadership and culture. Because of that, an integral but flexible methodology is needed in order to adapt to every moment and route of transformation.

We integrate strategy, management, processes, organization, culture and technology in one agenda of intentional change, orchestrated and consistent throughout time that, along with our accompanying method, has proven results for years in different industries.

This journey has given us experience and cases of success, but overall, it has allowed us to integrate a community of professionals in transformation that collaborate, co-create and share experiences amongst themselves.

You can have access to our accompaniment and community by acquiring our memberships, products, courses and workshops. The best moment to begin your transformation is today!