Frequently asked questions

BTC is a consortium that operates via membership and has as an objective to accompany the Management Teams on developing the ability of transforming integrally the Company.

The BTC, being a consortium that operates via membership, has no interest in proposing projects, products nor services. 

In BTC, we help the CEO to transform their company in a comprehensive way, we don’t work by projects but through the accompaniment on their transformation journey to develop in them the ability to transform.

The Comprehensive Business Transformation is the route in which we give accompaniment to companies, their CEOs and their high direction, guiding them through the evolutionary changes they face and imply the adequate use of digital technology, as well as every other necessary component to make this a complete, valuable and long lasting change.

Each Company finds themself in a particular phase of Transformation. The closest route to the current state of your Company, will allow you to build your journey map and at the same time your formation plan. 

The TEI ® Methodology Certificate is a benefit that you can obtain by acquiring the AL Plus Membership.

The TEI ® Methodology Certificate will allow you to be a specialized leader in the mobilization of the Transformation of any company. This Certification is not only based on the known theoretical knowledge, but also applied in practice through the results of evolution in the maturity of the Transformation in your company.

The accompaniment is a blue ocean in the spectrum of the professional services. 

  • Is a perspective, by designed, committed with the success of the member Company
  • It is a mix between coaching, boarding members, consultancy and business philosophy.

Sessions moderated by the BTC TEI ® Specialists that allow you to interact with other CEOs that are part of the consortium to share: experiences, similar situations, better practices, recommendation. 

It is a neutral, objective and observable evaluation in the way the company’s practices are managed and experienced in each of the Architectures that compose the Integral Enterprise Transformation (TEI ® ).

The evaluation is done by the BTC personnel based on the BTC ® Maturity Test, which gives total neutrality, pragmatism and objectivity to the evaluation.

Memberships are designed for the Company, meaning, depending on the type of membership acquired, the access to the accompaniment may be as follows: ● AL and AL Plus Accompaniment: provides access to you and two more people to our Accompaniment Portal. 

  • Face-to-Face Accompaniment: Provides access to 16 monthly hours of face-to-face accompaniment to you and your team.

In our experience, for a Transformation to be effective, efficient and above all, sustainable, it must encompass the company as a whole, every perspective ( Business model, company and operative), every architecture (strategy, management, operation, process, organization, technology, construction, learning, iteration); in BTC we call it: Integral Enterprise Transformation (TEI ® ). 

When acquiring one of our memberships and becoming part of the consortium, you will gain access to diverse benefits, those which we invite you to get to know in more detail in our page.

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