I had not found it because it did not exist

By: Cynthia Gutiérrez Tijerina

When you go to a job interview, you know it, you walk out with an excited smile, or you just walk out. Regardless of the interview format or the opportunity on the table, there is always something else that tells you if it is what you are looking for or not.

When I was 9 years old, at school, we did an activity that consisted in writing about someone you admired and wanted to be like, when you grew up. Well, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had had a stage of wanting to dedicate myself to painting or invention, but at that moment I did not know what I would want to dedicate myself to in the future. However, there was someone I admired a lot , my uncle who was a doctor. I would definitely not be a doctor, I was very sure of that, however, one of the reasons for my admiration was his ability to help others; and then, writing about this topic, I concluded that we all help others from whichever area we work on. I remember that I mentioned some examples like a mechanic, a chef, etc. We all help each other in some way. I realized that I wanted to be like my uncle and help others no matter what I chose to do as a career.

Ten years later, I was in a quest to choose my professional career, thinking of several options, I was somewhat inclined towards Industrial Engineering. While talking with a friend, she shared with me that as an Industrial Engineer you can work improving different elements of an organization, be it processes, products, quality, among others. She explained to me an example regarding food manufacturing in relation to product quality and cost; I loved the idea of ​​continuous improvement. This was a determining point for my next steps.

And why did I love it? I think that a work philosophy can also be applied to personal life, therefore, if I learned more about this and its implementation, I would undoubtedly adopt it also in the personal sphere to live a continuous improvement in my life and goals.

So, I enrolled in Industrial Engineering. I loved going to manufacturing plants, I signed up for all of them,I went to around 10 different ones. This excited me a lot and made me think about a future dedicating myself to working with different companies to improve what was most relevant to them and in that way, contribute to society.

I started my professional career in the Logistics area carrying out improvement projects and Value Stream Mapping in operation. Later, I was part of the Customer Service team, which allowed me to interact holistically with clients in different areas of the organization such as sales, marketing, demand planning, among others. Later, I entered the world of manufacturing where I implemented continuous process improvement activities, as well as production systems and inventories based on Lean Manufacturing. It was here where I learned about processes and the importance of a work philosophy to sustain improvements or changes implemented over time.

During this work experience I was learning how the different areas of a company were connected and I was developing a concern to understand how this is related to the whole of a company.

I was in search of understanding the company as a whole, and how improvement activities or projects could make a sustainable change in the system of an organization lasting over time while transforming the organization. I participated in different projects looking for this inclusiveness and interconnections, a systemic vision of a company, but I could not find a functional area that would allow me to work from this vision. With this concern I began to look for positions within different functional areas, processes, audits, planning, but I continued to see it as something fragmented, I felt that it was a small part of a whole and I felt a concern to understand the connection with the whole and with the company strategy. And ,as we commented in our CTO course, the functional areas have been compartmentalized and specialized. I also looked for options in consulting areas, where I mainly found alternatives focused on time projects, and although within all this there were very good options, it was not what I was looking for either. I wanted what I supported to really have meaning and impact. Because this impact can be as great as changing people’s lives and creating a better place to live and work. I am convinced that the actions we take have a greater impact than that we can ever see.

Within this search, I met BTConsortium, where I found something that I had not seen before, a comprehensive vision of the company, where the processes to improve would not be isolated, but would be part of a comprehensive and connected roadmap, with meaning and based on the business strategy. Discovering the concept of Transformation for me was like when I discovered the concept of continuous improvement in Industrial Engineering.

We have entitled this article “I had not found it because it did not exist” because once I shared with my extended family BTConsortium, precisely this experience of my career where I found this integral perspective of a Transformation until BTConsortium was born with an innovative concept of the blue type ocean, which allows us to accompany the various companies in their transformation from a holistic and integrative vision through an Integral Transformation methodology.

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What is Integral Business Transformation (TEI) ®?

A methodology that transforms companies as a whol.

To install the role of the CTO to transform the company towards the new reality.

Working in Transformation offers us a broad outlook to generate a real impact, it is really of great personal and work satisfaction, a platform to achieve that purpose that I had for a long time, working with different people accompanying them to create better workplaces with a comprehensive methodology , impact on people’s lives and consequently move towards a better society and quality of life.

With this article I want to invite you, if you feel this concern or a similar one, to explore the path of Transformation, perhaps it is what you have been looking for.

At BTConsortium we are here to accompany you!

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