Enables how’s in the integration of innovation in the daily management and transformation of the company through the Integral Enterprise Transformation (TEI®) methodology..

In a practical way, it defines the process of how to take the company from a point of non-innovation to becoming a company with an innovative culture.

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Miguel Galván

CEO BTConsortium

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Development plan

Theme 1: Innovation in product, process and culture of innovation
Theme 2: What is innovation?
Theme 3: Round of reflections: What concepts can I apply in my company?


Thema 1: How innovation is integrated into the Integral Business Transformation Methodology
Thema 2: Success stories in developing a culture of innovation in the organization
Thema 3: ¿How can I innovate in my daily life?

Thema 1: Reference models for innovation processes and their similarity with the company’s innovation process.
Thema 2: Innovation as a culture
Thema 3: Innovation technology
Thema 4: Individual commitments to the culture of innovation

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Systemic approach


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