Introduction to the role of the Chief Transformation Officer


Develop your skills as CTO (Chief Transformation Officer) in defining and orchestrating efforts to transform your company as a whole with a company-wide vision.

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Miguel Galván

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Development plan

Topic 1: Context and background of the CTO position.
Topic 2: What is the role and responsibilities.
Topic 3: CTO Profile.

Topic 1: TEI as a guide for the CTO.
Topic 2: Structure of the TEI methodology ®.

Theme 1: Areas that make up the Transformation Team.
Theme 2: How is the process of consolidating the CTO team?

Theme 1: Training in action.
Theme 2: Technical training.
Theme 3: Career plans for the CTO.

Theme 1: The CTO and its intervention in the TEI architectures.
Theme 2: Work rhythm of the CTO with his team.
Theme 3: Action of the CTO in its interaction with the General Management.
Theme 4: The CTO with the co-pilots of the transformation.
Theme 5: Type of CTO leadership.

Competencies you will develop

Digital Wisdom

Communication towards synchronized action

Strategic and systemic thinking


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