Introduction to the Chief Transformation Officer


Investment: $500.00 USD + Tax ($80.00 USD)

Addressed to: Owners,directors or managers who seek to develop the ability to transform the company integrally.

The role of  the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), represents a strategic value for the Executive Committee and the company, since, in essence, he or she becomes the right arm for the CEO’s management and the orchestrator of the efforts of the Executive Committee of the initiatives to build a future for the company. 

With this virtual course we prepare, in an agile and pragmatic manner, those who are about to begin or have already started playing their role as the CTO, as well, we will provide the tools needed in order for the CEO’s to be able to channel this position for success of their transformation

We will guide you to:

  • Orchestrate the efforts, define and monitor the work plan and ensure synchronization in time and form of each of the TEI Architectures. 
  • Guarantee the consistent application of a management model, focused on achieving the objectives of the business plan, the mission and vision of the company. 
  • Propose and agree with the CEO the strategy and work plan for the implementation of the defined management and transformation model, and lead the implementation to the entire company. 
  • Make the Executives Committee and Management Team operate under the Company’s Management Model and with strict adherence to the institutional processes established for each area.

This course deals with:

Content: 5 Chapters

Role of the CTO

  1. Context and background of the CTO position 
  2. Which the role and the responsibilities are.
  3. Profile of the CTO

Training in action

  1. Training in action 
  2. Technical training 
  3. Career plans for the CTO

Introduction to TEI

  1. TEI as a guide for the CTO
  2. Structure of the TEI® methodology

The CTO team

  1. Areas which integrate the Transformation Team 
  2. How is the process of consolidating the CTO team?

The CTO in action

  1. The CTO and its intervention in the architectures of the TEI
  2. Pace of work of the CTO with its team 
  3. Action of the CTO in its interaction with the General Management
  4. The CTO with the transformation co-pilots 
  5. Type of CTO leadership

The role of the CTO, a very challenging position that demands servant and synchronous leadership from the person who occupies it, is a position that brings a lot of growth, as well as personal and professional satisfaction. It is certainly an unexplored opportunity for accelerated growth.

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