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Let's talk about Business Transformation

The need and opportunity for a comprehensive transformation of the enterprise

Miguel Galván shares with us the needs experienced by companies and how TEI has helped them to overcome these various challenges.

Success stories in Integral Business Transformation

Miguel Galván shares with us some of the success stories we have experienced in the accompaniment of Integral Business Transformation.

Transform with method

Miguel Galván and Xael Zamorano talk to us about how to transform opportunities into competitive advantages through a proven methodology.

Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership and Business Transformation

A conversation about the broad outlook on diversity and inclusion for entrepreneurs in Latin America in the face of the “new normal”.

Institutionalization with strategy, a very powerful combination

Pedro P., Miguel G. and Efraín R. talk about how companies are reaching a generational point, where institutionalization becomes key.

Transforming the company as a whole, an indispensable capability of the CEO

Miguel Galván and Pedro Padierna talk to us about the decisions and actions that must be taken to rethink the direction of companies.

Interview: The need and the opportunity to comprehensively transform the enterprise

Interview with Imagen Radio 105.5, where Miguel Galván shares with us a broader view on Integral Business Transformation.

The role of the CEO in Integral Business Transformation

Pedro P. and Miguel G. talk to us about how the CEO should orchestrate an Integral Business Transformation and the co-pilots of this route.

Just doing projects is not Transformation

At BTConsortium, we have defined Integral Business Transformation as a permanent evolution. In the VUCA environment that surrounds us…

Redescribing innovation

We know that thousands of organizations and executives have asked themselves as a result of the pandemic; Is it time or not to innovate, should I continue to…

Notes on the systemic vision in company management

Today more than ever, it is essential that we stop, that we take a break from this endless search for immediacy to solve…

Synchronous Leadership in Business Transformation

Perhaps one of the most frequently mentioned words in business management literature is leadership. Leadership, from many different perspectives…

Communication as a transformational competence

Globally, we are living a historic moment of contingency due to the appearance of COVID-19. This has led organizations…

Organizational culture when we need it most

When we think about the enormous impact of the COVID-19 health crisis, we must not fail to observe the cultural perspective…

Main responsibilities of the Transformation co-pilots

Transformation Co-Pilots are those who work hand in hand with the Transformation Architect to drive and promote…

Roles and relevance of the Transformation team

The Transformation Architect requires a team to support him/her in the execution and implementation of change initiatives….

A broader interpretation of diversity and inclusion

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has awakened deep reflections within companies. As entrepreneurs, we have…

What is Integral Business Transformation?

We have been asked, what is the method for a successful Business Transformation; undoubtedly, the most solid and sustainable success stories where…

A methodology that transforms companies as a whole

International corporations, family-owned companies or non-profit organizations can take advantage of the benefits provided by the…

Invitation to the accompaniment of strategic architecture, management and culture

As we have already mentioned, BTConsortium accompanies the General Manager and his Management Teams to develop the skills and…

Exclusive CEO content

Explore our exclusive content focused on topics of interest to the CEO.

A lasting legacy: Armando Mendiola

The opportunity to make a lasting impact on a regional level is what drew CEO Armando Mendiola to El Salvador and leading snack food business…

TEI, an indispensable skill for the CEO

We have already shared in other installments the great challenges facing the CEO. They find themselves in a convergence of very diverse crises and…

Transformation from the CEO

Assuming a General Management position, regardless of the size of the company, is something that is learned and for which one matures through experience…

From the founder to the institutionalization of the company

In our country and in Latin America, there is a generation of great founding entrepreneurs who, for 40, 50 or more years, have grown to…

The dance of the Chief Executive Officer

It has been previously mentioned that the CEO is the only person who sees the company holistically, it has also been mentioned that in…

The CEO's Loneliness in Enterprise Transformation

Today, CEOs face the dual challenge of business transformation in the face of technological, regulatory and business disruptions…

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