BTConsortium accompanies the CEO and their Management Team to develop the ability of transforming their Company in a comprehensive way. Nowadays companies are threatened by the disruptive business models that have arisen with the exponential development of technology. Nevertheless, that’s only one of the many concerns of the CEO. Every CEO confronts the challenges of their own industry, Company and all the audiences that have an opinion about their management: Analysts, Council, Collaborators, Clients, Providers and Regulators. This implies a double challenge for the CEO: Transform for long term and Operate for short term. In many cases, the CEO finds himself/herself alone trying to Transform the Company as it requires a 360 perspective that only they have. The functional areas have each their own perspective, being busy with their own responsibilities regarding their area and the improvement projects aren’t enough: a different focus is required.
Each business experiences their transformation from their style, leadership and own culture. Thus a different complete method is required and for it to be flexible enough to execute with success and agility, but with as low wear as possible and taking advantage of internal and external opportunities.

Benefits of the Accompaniment Platformn

Find “Your” Transformation Path

Each Company is at a particular phase of transformation. The path closer to the present in your Company will allow you to create a map of the path and at the same time, yournformation plan.

Measurable, Verifiable and Reproducible Methodology

In Business Transformation Consortium, we develop a methodology of ComprehensivenBusiness Transformation ®, with the most solid, sustainable success stories where thenresults have been strategic, financial and cultural, are the ones that have been executed in andisciplined manner, integrating the strategy, management, processes, organization, culturenand technology, in an orchestrated, long term agenda of intentional change and consistency.

Online Accompaniment

We support you in your Transformation Journey through instructional tools via video andnother online tools; for your formation, training and development of leadership abilities of thenComprehensive Business Transformation.

Personal Consult

Work session via video conference with our experts; specialized and focus edon generating a specific result.

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