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The rebellious sage

Our identity and our culture

A sage seeks truth and wisdom, beyond mere knowledge, in every situation. He is cunning, articulate and outspoken.

Recognize that wisdom comes from challenges and from being in a constant search for knowledge.

Question and provoke questioning.

In his communication, he usually brings challenges up with a symbolic and imaginative language.

This sage, in combination with rebellion, seeks to change things and revolutionize them through a free spirit and continuous questioning of the status quo.

The rebellious sage often summons unconventional movements, which only a few dare to enter. Those who do change the world.

Behaviors + Style + Competencies = Rebel Sage

Living the behaviors differentiates us.

We are convinced that culture is based on behaviors, something truly observable in the organization and in our actions.

At the end of the day, the behaviors of everyone who is part of BTConsortium is what forges the culture that we live and breathe.


Our style is what distinguishes us, what makes us unique.

It is formed from the set of ways of being, beliefs, experiences, behaviors and leadership that shape the way we act on a day-to-day basis.



Our competencies, taken into action, become results.

They are the capacities that we are developing along the way through experiences and experiences.

Along with our attitudes and behaviors, they allow us to put our knowledge and skills into practice.


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