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This game is designed for all levels of the organization, with the aim of:

Identifying the effects of a working by silos or independently between the different areas within the Company.

Raising awareness within the team about the importance of working under processes that allow communication and alignment between areas.

Understanding how the success of any area depends directly on the success of the others.

Reflecting on the benefits of working transversally and collaboratively between the different areas, where they seek to achieve the same goal as a team: the general objective of the company.

Acquire Playing with the Processes now and receive personalized support from a BTConsortium specialist, where together we ensure the understanding of working by processes.

What does it include?

2 boards (4-8 players each).

Extra service: customizable board

4 hours of theoretical qualification to an internal collaborator of the company in the use and implementation of the game.

2 hours of game session given by BTConsortium.

Each board includes:

· 1 removable board sectioned into four puzzle-shaped pieces

·102 Order Cards

· 5 Incident cards

· 300 tokens marked as Product Unit

· 4 board markers

· Registration Sheet Format. (digitally delivered file)

· Facilitation User Guide

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