Process Based Culture

Develops the knowledge necessary to understand the need and impact of process work in an organization, and the tools needed to put this initiative into action.

What will you learn in this course?

Taught by

Miguel Galván

CEO BTConsortium

Daniel Ramírez

Process Architecture Manager

Friné Calderón

Methodology and Support Manager

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Development plan

Theme 1: Complexity of change
Theme 2: Functional vs. procedural work


Theme 1: What are and what are not processes?
Theme 2: How are the processes described?
Theme 3: Where do the processes live?

Theme 1: Levels of process management and change
Theme 2: Level 1 – Operation
Tema 3: Level 2 – Continuous Improvement
Theme 4: Level 3 – Transformation

Theme 1: Process work culture
Theme 2: Building a process-based culture
Theme 3: Role of the Chief Executive Officer, his Steering Committee, the Transformation Team and Process Owners

Competencies you will develop

End-to-end process architecture

Process management

Systemic vision of work by processes


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