Discover how different companies have led their Transformation based on the current challenges of the environment.

Challenges facing the new reality

Transforming companies into a new reality

Pedro P. and Miguel G. talk to us about how to transform the company to take advantage of the opportunities that this new reality brings.

Putting people at the center of health, economic and social transformation

Miguel G. and special guests talk to us about the health, economic and social impacts we experienced in the transformation by COVID-19.

Stabilizing changes in the operation before the reopening of activities

Miguel Galván and Pedro Padierna talk to us about how to stabilize the changes in our operation in view of the reopening of activities.

Evolution to Solidarity Leadership 5.0

Miguel Galván and Pedro Padierna talk to us about how to stabilize the changes in our operation in view of the reopening of activities.

Installing the role of the CTO to transform the company towards the new reality.

Miguel Galván and Pedro Padierna talk about the importance of the role of the Chief Transformation Officer in this new reality.

Solidarity Leadership in the new reality

Pedro Padierna and Miguel Galván talk about Solidarity Leadership and the initiatives that are already a reality today.

Why is the CTO so relevant in this new reality?

The Chief Transformation Officer is a new, top-level position in the organization that brings with it great responsibilities and opportunities.

Company transformation in times of crisis

Far from stopping and waiting for the storm to abate, it is now that we must rethink our strategy and articulate a more solid and valuable Transformation.

A common problem, a common solution: What is Solidarity Leadership?

Beyond the reflection of this crisis, for the first time, we all have a common problem: a problem that impacts and affects the ecosystem as a whole.

Resilience in the midst of the hurricane

Our resilience is what has led us to adapt and improve the conditions of these new challenges we face.

New normality Milestone or process?

Consciously or unconsciously, human beings look for a milestone that defines the turning point, the point of change from one stage to another. At this convergence…

Where to start again

While the beginning of 2021 is not a milestone towards the new normal, it can be an intentional milestone to restart in terms of, not only…

Transformational Leadership in the Face of International Emergencies (COVID-19)

Today, more than ever, a calm, practical and realistic path is needed, so that the response to the current risks and uncertainty is the most appropriate…

Reimagining the way we work

Although the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked economic and social havoc, it also brought with it a host of opportunities and new ways of doing business….

A new concept of business leadership in Latin America

The image of the all-powerful and infallible leader is a thing of the past. To save companies, we need the human, vulnerable, supportive and integral leader…

Solidarity Leadership 5.0

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is profound, global and disruptive to the economy, health and society in the broadest sense of the word…

Strategy for 2021 Transformation and Performance

Closing a year and planning what we want in the next one is an excellent reason to build the Strategic Architecture of your company, especially in this…

The effects of Covid-19 on employment and business leadership

Undoubtedly, 2020 will be a year of transformation in all aspects, not only because of the pandemic and the crisis generated as a result of it, but also because of the challenges that…

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